How to Fight the Post-Christmas Blues

February 07, 2022

Wondering how to fight the post-Christmas blues? You may not even be sure you have it, but if you’re feeling bummed throughout January and February, it’s a safe bet that you’re dealing with post-holiday blues. In this blog, we’ll discuss what this phenomenon is, and how you can learn to fight the post-Christmas blues.

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Get Well Gift Baskets for Employees

February 04, 2022

Send get well gift baskets to employees as they recover from time away from the office. When your employees have taken sick leave, offer a token of your best wishes with a generous gift basket. There are so many reasons to consider get well gift baskets for employees.

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Sending Gift Baskets to Canada From England (United Kingdom) 

February 02, 2022

If you’re thinking of sending gift baskets to Canada from England (United Kingdom), you may want to know what barriers your shipment may face. From delays to duties, sending gifts overseas is challenging. Read our blog to learn what you need to know for sending gift baskets to Canada from England (United Kingdom).

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Sending Gift Baskets From Europe To Canada

January 31, 2022

Will you be sending gift baskets from Europe to Canada, and need to know what obstacles you might face? Read through our helpful blog to discover common barriers when it comes to shipping gifts internationally. Learn everything you need to know about sending gift baskets from Europe to Canada right here!

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Sending Gift Baskets From USA to Canada

January 28, 2022

If you’re looking into sending gift baskets from USA to Canada, then this blog is for you. Read through our guide to learn what obstacles you might face (as well as how to get around them). If you’ll be sending gift baskets from USA to Canada, this guide is the resource for you!

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Gifts To Blow Away Your Customers 

January 26, 2022

The best gifts to blow away your customer are online at Simontea. Discover an incredible collection of client and customer gifts that are sure to impress. Corporate gifts are a great way to keep your business top of mind. Guarantee repeat business when you give gifts to blow away your customers.

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What Should Be Included In A Corporate Gift Box?

January 21, 2022

Gifting a corporate gift box to employees, clients, or coworkers is a great way to show your appreciation and strengthen business relationships. Corporate gifts are often given for a number of occasions, such as holidays, birthdays and promotions. Read through this helpful blog to learn what should be included in a corporate gift box. 

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Is it Good to Give Office Gifts?

January 10, 2022

Office gifts and corporate gifting can often feel like tricky terrain to navigate. Even for the most welcoming workplaces, ensuring you’re being appropriate and respectful of your colleagues is always top of mind. Learn the best ways to give office gifts to ensure your thoughtful gesture is respectful and appreciated.

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Luxury Wine Gift Baskets

January 06, 2022

Luxury wine gift baskets are the perfect way to show the people in your life you’re thinking of them and wishing them well. Whether you need an elegant gift for birthdays, corporate gifting or more, there are so many incredible reasons to send luxury wine gift baskets.

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Best Occasions to Send Champagne Gifts 

January 01, 2022

Send champagne gifts to the people you care for as they celebrate special occasions. Are you wondering when the best time to send thoughtful gifts of champagne to coworkers, friends and family members is? This blog discusses the best occasions to send champagne gifts to everyone. 

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Baby Gift Boxes 

December 27, 2021

Baby gift boxes are thoughtful gifts for celebrating the arrival of a precious newborn baby. Send a heartfelt token of love and appreciation to your friends, family members or coworkers as they celebrate at a baby shower. Each of our baby gift boxes is a wonderful present they’re sure to love.

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When Should I Start Shopping for Christmas? 

December 21, 2021

When should I start shopping for Christmas? This is a question many people find themselves asking as December approaches. While the best time to shop for Christmas varies from person to person if you want to know when the ideal time to start shopping for Christmas begins, then read our helpful guide.

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